Hi, I'm Marius!

Hello! I am Marius Norheim

AWS DevOps specialist working with cloud technologies, also experienced as a fullstack web developer!

Passionate about automated deployments and frontend technologies

Developer portfolio

A showcase of things that I made

My skillset

So diverse you'll never need to go anywhere else for your applications and deployment


Intimately familiar with languages such as Typescript, C#, Python and Bash

Amazon Web Services

AWS DevOps professional with extensive knowledge about infrastructure as code and automated application deployments

Frontend frameworks

Passionate about all things frontend technologies and love to resolve some promises during weekends


Experienced with dockerizing applications and mission critical deployments to production environments


I get enthusiastic about making the process between development and deployments seamless and effective

Cloud technologies

Wether its Lambda functions, Docker containers, Content Delivery Networks for frontends or automated pipelines - I've deployed it in production


A glance at my professional experience

  • Azets Insight AS


    Cloud infrastructure engineer

    Spearheaded and co-organized "Azets Labs", a professional development workshop at Azets. Lead the development for "Azets Cost", an internal tool for tracking cloud costs. Developed CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure for automated deployments in AWS, leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and AWS Deployment Framework

  • University of South-Eastern Norway

    Graduated 2021


    BSc of IT and Information Systems

  • Valknuta Web Solutions



    Development with Drupal content management system and other web frameworks. Configuring and optimizing a range of AWS services to ensure robust, scalable infrastructure

  • Kongsberg Norcontrol AS



    Building, configuring and testing production hardware used in navigation systems

  • Intratech Solutions AS



    Building and maintaining computers used in Intratechs certification room. Introduction to Java programming

My keen interests

An insight into some of the things I invest time into


To my neighbours delight, I'm really into drumming. Love the heavy and fast stuff, and will throw down on some double bass action any day of the week


I am dedicated to the art and science of gardening, with a focus on sustainable practices and biodiversity. I cultivate a variety of plants, experimenting with different gardening techniques


An avid enthusiast of racing, with a particular interest in the mental and competitive aspects of the sport

Astronomy observations

Engaged in astronomical observations as a practical hobby, using a personal telescope


Passionate about cooking, with a special focus on Norwegian and Italian cuisines. I am dedicated to mastering culinary techniques and understanding the cultural significance of different cuisines

Emerging technologies

I am deeply interested in the field of automation and emerging technologies within development and application deployment. Continuously exploring new tools and methodologies to enhance efficiency and foster innovation


My documented endeavours

  • Microsoft Certified Professional

    Microsoft Certified Professional

  • iNet+ Certified Professional

    iNet+ Certified Professional